Who and What is Cabin Conversions


Hemlock Cabin

Cabin Conversions LLC was created in early 2017 by Jim Halstead and Rick Cordisco.

Jim is a lifelong Northeast PA Contractor, fluent in all phases of construction, as well as a Licensed Realtor.

Rick is Owner / Broker of a Small Real Estate Brokerage, Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty, in The Jack Frost / Big Boulder Area of the Pocono Mountains

Both Jim and Rick saw a vision for the owners of mainly older 1970’s chalets and ranch style homes, of which there are plenty here in the Poconos area, to turn them into more rustic BUT modern Pocono Mountain Cabins in the Woods. The idea of wrapping the home with tyvek wrap and attaching hemlock siding to the exterior finished off with a natural stain / seal finish to give the home a more “Log Cabin” look and then removing old paneling from inside and installing Pine T&G Boards for the overall finish look of a log seemed to be the inexpensive alternative to actually owning a log home.

The idea serves two purposes. First and foremost it gives that overall ‘Cabin in the Woods’ feel for the owners of the home which is what most owners would like to feel about their Pocono Home. Secondly it will increase both value and sellability for that owner as the majority of the buying public is looking for that elusive Log Cabin in the Woods as their getaway destination for a second home. This feeds that hunger to the buying public.

Moving forward it is our mission to convert as many older style homes to the modern day Cabin Conversions as possible thereby making the inventory of the Pocono real estate market a Much Sought After Product.